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The Squash Coach™ has been downloaded worldwide by
over 37,340 squash players and coaches.
What are people are saying about The Squash Coach™?

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**STOP PRESS** "The Squash Coach™" has now been downloaded by over 37,340 people

This Squash Coach has been downloaded by players in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Slovakia, Venezuela, France, Korea, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Israel, Pakistan, Peru, Ireland, Zimbabwe, China, Brazil, Singapore, Turkey, Columbia, Holland, UAE, Iran, India, Norway, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Hong Kong, South Africa, Ukraine, Thailand, Malaysia, Poland, Czech Republic, Kenya, Denmark, Tanzania, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Indonesia, Cyprus & Switzerland


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The Squash Coach™ Version: 1.1.8
Date Published: 12/2/2006
Language: English
Download Size: 14.7 MB
Compatible with Windows 98SE / 2000 / N T/ XP / Vista & Compatible with Windows 7

The Squash Coach™ Version: 1.1.8
Date Published: 12/2/2006
Language: English
Download Size: 20.5 MB

(Snow Leopard or earlier users) - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

The Squash Coach™ Version: 1.1.8
Date Published: 12/2/2006
Language: English
Download Size: 22.9 MB



*Over 200 Coaching Routines and Conditioned Games
visually presented in Text and Animation
*Software runs Hi-Res Full Screen on PC or Mac
*Animated Movies can be played and stopped at your leisure as a training aid
*Printable Pages for use on Court
*Also Features: Court Diagram with Danger Areas, Target Zones.
*Grip, *Stance, *Stretching Guide, *Tactics Guide, *Fitness Guide, *Rules of the Game.

Below are some screen shots of the software :


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What people are saying about The Squash Coach™

Camp Squash endorses The Squash Coach™


Some comments from users of
The Squash Coach™

"I'm only a beginner when it comes to squash and i've only taken up the sport recently. Thus, far i've found the squash coach to be very helpful as i know the fundamentals of the game such as proper grip and basic strategies. The program has provided me with a lot of insight especially in terms of strategy as i know try to structure my points instead of just getting the ball back." - Muneeb

"I think it is great.
I don't know if you know that we live on a small Island called Norfolk Island in the South Pacific between NZ and Australia with a population
of 1500 people.." - Mal

"Thanks for making such a great software. I'm new to squash and I'm amazed after seeing your software. There are lots of useful information I can use to teach me how to improve my squash skill." - Erwan

"Really liked the site. I am a PE teacher who came to squash late after the end of rugby playing days and love the game. I have been playing in the West of Scotland leagues, with no great distinction, for the last six or seven years.  Like many people I would love to be better and some of the drills and explanations are very useful. In addition I am just starting to coach my own children how to play so fun activities for children would also be useful." - Chris

"G'day, My name is Simon and i am a coach in the ACT, Australia. You guide is great! I am a rep player as well as a coach so i will and am going to use this spot on guide to help others and myself". - Simon

"I found that to be an amazing tool.
quite a resource for a wide set of drills.
many congratulations to you for its creation and maintenance." - Steve

"I found Squash Coach Version 1.x.x really very helpful from a beginner point of view. My winning rate was really very good on my very first day of playing squash and all credit gopes to you :)" - Anurag

The software is great, thanks allot for creating it and sharing it with us! I've just started using it, and it already gave me lots of new ideas for my training. - Milos

"I am a level 1 (Irish Squash) coach and a reasonable club player. I have a day job and coach mainly kids at the weekend. I have been looking at your programme in the hope of increasing my limited repertoire of routines. I find my coaching sessions have become boring because I have exhausted the few routines I do know.
Overall, I think this is a great idea as I find it very difficult to follow someone explaining a routine to me verbally. " - Gerry

"I have about 1-10 regular clients that range in age from 14 to 50. All keen and appreciate the changes each week and not the routine "boast & drive" monotony." - Mark



Well you should!! Why don't you get the software and head of to your local courts and give it go?

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